Danish Yachts’ SWATH 25M

Launching the Danish Yachts’ SWATH – the advanced new range of vessels from Danish Yachts for modern crew transport vessels for offshore wind farms. The Danish Yachts’ SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull), or better known as CAT-SWATH due to its operational capabilities, is truly a vessel that “walks on water”. Designed for high-speed passenger transport, it is groundbreaking both in terms of design technology and build, and is the first carbon fibre SWATH to be built.

When transporting passengers from port to the destined location, the Danish Yachts’ SWATH operates in a regular Catamaran mode, allowing the vessel to reach speeds of up to 25 knots. When the target destination is reached, the operator can switch from CAT mode to SWATH mode instantaneously using the vessels ballast system. This enacts a semisubmersible effect for ‘floating platform’ – type stability in rough water conditions and high waves, reducing the vessels movements and increasing the safety aspect for the transfer of serviceman and technicians.

A key element for this support fleet is stability in a large seaway and the ability to transfer between the towers at speed in severe conditions, vastly reducing down time for the maintenance teams while on operational duties at the wind farms.

Tank tested to significant wave heights, permitting operation in almost all weather conditions, the Danish Yachts’ SWATH can operate in safety and comfort. At an overall length of 25 metres, there is ample space for 24 passengers and 5 crew over a range of around 1000 nautical miles.

She is easy to manoeuvre in high winds using precision controls to ensure safe placement of the turbine maintenance teams onto the wind tower dock at the base of the turbine. In addition for passenger and crew safety while transferring to the platform, the vessel is fitted with the base to use a gyro transfer gangway.

Five Danish Yachts’ SWATH 24m vessels have been launched since the beginning of 2014, with a new 32m SWATH in build at present.



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Four SWATH vessels launched in 2013

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